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I MET PARAMORE FOR THE 3rd TIME LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!! it was perfect oh my god i FINALLY talked to taylor like i wanted to, i asked him some stuff about Future and when i told him it was one of my favorite songs on the entire record he was just SO HAPPY he was like OMG REALLY???? and i told him it was genious and he was so so happy omg and then hayley came and signed my Paramore booklet and i thanked her for calling me onstage in Rio during anklebiters and i told her my sister wasnt mad at her for staining my jacket and she was like OH THAT WAS YOU THATS RIGHT IM SO SORRY i was so sad and i was like no its ok really!!! and kim recognized me and laughed hahaHAHAH NOT FUNNY KIM! it was jeremys turn and he said he liked my studded jacket and i told him i was too clumsy to wear something like that cause i’ve hurt myself before and he said YEAH BEING FASHIONABLE HURTS SOMETIMES i meanfhjhjghj uffjgkg jeremy just sTOP he’s so cute he seems to be happy ALL THE TIME he just smiles and jumps and omg he’s so adorable. and then we took our picture and i asked them if we could pretend we were fbi agents and they were like OH YEAH SURE and jeremy turned his back to me and i was lifghjkjhk I WAS LITERALLY DYING!!!!! it was perfect i’ve been staring at my photo for hours i mean HOURS <3 and now it’s over i’m not going to any other shows in this tour and i’ll miss them so much but i’m so glad i got to see them twice (the 3rd time i met them was in 2011) and i’m so thankful honestly <3<3

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    happy for this girl omg, too bad it will never happen to me
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